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We're a local pharmacy dedicated to your family's health

ACE-Rx Pharmacy

ACE-Rx Specialty Pharmacy is committed to providing high-quality, comprehensive, compassionate and personalized care. We believe in building strong relationships with patients and healthcare providers, with the goal of achieving superior health and economic outcomes for our patients. ACE-Rx Specialty Pharmacy is independently owned and operated in Old Bridge, New Jersey.

Our Services


Benefits Investigation / Insurance Resolutions

Figuring out what your insurance covers and how it is covered is usually not straightforward. The staff at ACE-Rx will relieve you of the burden of sorting out your insurance. We will perform an investigation on your benefits and work with your insurance company to determine the appropriate way to bill your prescription.


Prior Authorization

Most Specialty Drugs require special approval from the insurance company before you can receive it. This process is called Prior Authorization (PA). Our Staff at ACE-Rx will work closely with your physician to present appropriate justification to approve your medication. We make the PA process as quick and painless as possible.


Personalized Counseling

Our knowledgeable and experienced clinical pharmacists will provide you with personalized counselling. We will teach you the proper way of taking your medication. We will explain the expected benefits and the possible adverse effects. We will answer all of your questions until we are certain you are comfortable with your plan to improve your health.


Financial Assistance

Specialty Medications can be expensive and sometimes your out of pocket costs are substantial even after insurance coverage. Financial assistance programs are sometimes available and at ACE-Rx we will advocate on your behalf to access any available assistance.


Adherence Programs

Adherence to your drug regimen is important for achieving the best possible health outcomes. We understand that life is busy and there may be many distractions in life. ACE-Rx is here to support you. We will give you valuable tips and techniques on how to help you remember to take your medicine and will call you to check in periodically. We can also help you use the power of technology to support compliance.

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